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Wednesday, 3 May 2017 at 7.00pm

TRUMP, BREXIT AND THE HISTORY OF ECONOMIC IDEAS: A TALK with NIALL KISHTAINYWe are delighted to announce that Niall Kishtainy, author of the recently published A Little History of Economics (Yale University Press), will be appearing at the shop on Wednesday 3 May to discuss how some of the economic ideas explored in the book – those that view politics as just another market – have cast a shadow over contemporary attitudes to politics and contributed to the disillusionment that led to the Brexit and Trump votes. We’re often in the grip of old economic ideas without knowing it, and only by taking account of history – so often overlooked by economists – can we understand the true power of economic rhetoric, whether for good or ill.

Tickets are £3 (includes glass of wine). For booking please email: or call: 020 7241 1626.

* * *

About the book:

What causes poverty? Are economic crises inevitable under capitalism? Is government intervention in the economy a blessing or a curse? The answers to such basic economic questions matter to everyone, yet the unfamiliar jargon and math of economics can be daunting. A Little History of Economics is a clear, accessible and engaging book ideal for young readers new to economics and for anyone who seeks a better understanding of the full sweep of economic history and ideas from ancient times right up to the present day.

Economic historian Niall Kishtainy presents short chronological chapters that focus on big ideas and events. He introduces key thinkers including Adam Smith, Karl Marx and John Maynard Keynes alongside historical turning points such as the invention of money, the rise of capitalism and the Great Depression, as well as topics including entrepreneurship, environmental destruction, inequality, and behavioural economics and financial crashes. The result is a book that succeeds in illuminating the economic ideas and forces that shape our world at a time when they feel more urgent than ever.

‘Many people wish they knew more about economic ideas—but not enough, apparently, to endure the discomfort they imagine that reading about them would entail. Niall Kishtainy’s A Little History of Economics solves their problem: its brief, charming vignettes read effortlessly, yet faithfully capture the deep insights that have so profoundly transformed how we think about our world.’
- Robert H. Frank, author of The Economic Naturalist

To find out more about the book and Yale's 'Little Histories' series please visit Yale Books.

* * *

About the author:

Niall Kishtainy, former economic policy adviser to the UK government and the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, is guest teacher, department of economic history, London School of Economics, and author of The Economics Book and Economics in Minutes. He lives in London.

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