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Current Exhibition

Regent's Canal: Reflections on Urban Water

Regent's Canal: Reflections on Urban WaterA New Exhibition of Paintings by Valerie Irving

Opening 23 October 2014

In Regent's Canal: Reflections on Urban Water Valerie Irving records a fascination not only with the subtle varieties of surface according to weather and light, the movement of barges and wildlife, but also with the looming architectures - built at different times and for different purposes - that fringe this section of water from Broadway Market to Mare Street.

'... this artificially created product of the industrial revolution, built for commerce, now provides a space for nature in a city, many of whose rivers now flow underground...' - Valerie Irving.

Regent's Canal: Reflections on Urban Water will run from October 23 to December 24.

We regularly hold events at our bookshop such as readings and book signings.

Matilda Tristram: Probably Nothing / Reading + Q&A

Wednesday, 12 November 2014 at 7.00pm

Matilda Tristram: Probably Nothing / Reading + Q&AMatilda Tristram will be appearing at the shop to read and project images from her new graphic memoir Probably Nothing, published by Penguin.

'Matilda was looking forward to having her first baby when she was suddenly diagnosed with cancer. Probably Nothing records the highs and lows of her treatment. The hopes and fears. The awkward conversations with friends and well-wishers. The irritation of still having to queue for croissants. The necessity of cherishing the small things in life. And, of course, the birth of baby James.'

"The Steroids make my face go purple. My hands go red and swell up. Can't hang up the washing. Feels like chilblains. Swollen lips look quite good though."

Books will be signed and wine will be served.

Tickets are £3 (includes glass of wine). For booking please call 020 7241 1626 or email

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