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Wednesday, 12 October 2016 at 7.00pm

We are thrilled to announce that poets Beverley Bie Brahic and Patrick Mackie will be appearing at the shop on Wednesday 12 October at 7 pm to read from their latest collections published by CB editions: Hunting the Boar and The Further Adventures Of The Lives Of The Saints. Signed copies of the books will be available and in addition there will be a range of CB editions titles specially selected for the event.Tickets are £3 (includes glass of wine). For booking please RSVP: or call 020 7241 1626. Readings start at 7 pm. For further information please see below.

* * *

Hunting The Boar by Beverley Bie Brahic
(Poetry Book Society Recommendation)

‘I want this to happen in a second / on the page,’ Brahic writes in ‘Stations in the Metro’. ‘But the mind keeps thinking other things.’ Poised and intimately crafted, Brahic’s poems flicker restlessly in their attention to everything – history, memories, food, desire – that is the present moment.

Beverley Bie Brahic is a prize-winning poet and translator of Apollinaire, Yves Bonnefoy and Francis Ponge. Her previous collection, White Sheets, was shortlisted for the Forward Prize. Her translation of selected poems by Francis Ponge, Unfinished Ode to Mud (CBe, 2008) was widely praised and was a finalist for the 2009 Popescu Prize for European poetry in translation; her translations of poems by Apollinaire, The Little Auto, were published by CBe in early 2012. A Canadian, she lives in Paris and California.

'A book of craft, music and a collected vision of life that provides pleasure on every page.'
– Eavan Boland

‘Perhaps partly because of Brahic’s translation work, there’s a sense of joy in language . . . White Sheets is immensely readable, skilfully crafted and rich with ideas and feeling.’
– Katherine Stansfield, Magma

* * *

The Further Adventures Of The Lives Of The Saints by Patrick Mackie

The river Rhine starts to flow through Gloucestershire. Someone reads Russian poetry as a general election approaches. The people who live on the sun turn out to be worried about the people down here on earth – who include, in other poems, John Wayne and Osip Mandelstam, Simone Weil and Margaret Thatcher and Amy Winehouse. Casting its lines across rainfall and motorways and the lives of the saints alike, mining a wild humour from the vastness of our cultural disarray, The Further Adventures Of The Lives Of The Saints gives a new account of what the modern lyric is capable of.

‘Mackie conjures, amongst other things, the strange aliveness of the countryside at night and the churning dynamics of the universe; he is compelling on the hallucinatory energies of both the urban and the rural, as well as on the eerie emotional life of the roads and cars that connect them . . . These poems take strides with an unpredictable and teeming energy, and the result is a world seen through a gaze that is both meticulous and wild.’
– Katherine Angel

* * *

CB editions

Founded in 2007, CB editions publishes chiefly short fiction (including work by Will Eaves, Gabriel Josipovici, David Markson and May-Lan Tan) and poetry (Beverley Bie Brahic, Nancy Gaffield, J.O. Morgan, D. Nurske, Dan O'Brien). Writers published in translation include Apollinaire, Andrzej Bursa, Joaquin Giannuzzi, Gert Hofmann, Agota Kristof and Francis Ponge.

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