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Wednesday, 25 October 2017 at 7.00pm

We are pleased to announce that Margaret Willes will be at the shop to read from her new book - The Curious World Of Samuel Pepys And John Evelyn (published by Yale University Press) - and to talk about the private, fascinating lives of its eponymous diarists, on Wednesday 25 October at 7 p.m. Tickets £5 (includes a glass of wine).
For booking please call: 020 7241 1626 or email:

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About the book (from the publisher):

Samuel Pepys and John Evelyn are two of the most celebrated English diarists. What is less known is that they were also close friends. This first full portrait of the relationship between these two pivotal Restoration figures - detailing their particular characters, favourite pastimes and kaleidoscopic social circles - also transforms our understanding of one of the most dramatic periods of English history.

In a captivatingly intimate account, Margaret Willes invites us into Pepys's and Evelyn's private world, behind the public faces they presented, one as an MP and administrator of the Navy Board, the other as a cultivated member of the minor gentry. Pepys was earthy and shrewd, whilst Evelyn was a devout aesthete, and they were brought together by chance through their work to alleviate the plight of sailors caught up in the Dutch wars. Their friendship, then, was not a foregone conclusion, but it thrived because both were drawn to intellectual pursuits and shared an inexhaustible curiosity for life and for the exotic.

Willes explores their shared interests - diary-keeping, science, travel and a love of books - and their divergent enthusiasms, Pepys for theatre and music, Evelyn for horticulture and garden design. Through the richly documented lives of two remarkable men, she revisits the history of London and of England in an age of regicide, revolution, fire and plague to reveal it also as a time of enthralling possibility.

Praise for The Curious World of Samuel Pepys and John Evelyn:

Two centuries on, this scholarly and readable book brings the two men together again. The result, the biographical equivalent of a buddy film, is both entertaining and unexpectedly revealing about the extraordinary times they lived in.
- Andrew Taylor, Times

About the author:

Margaret Willes, formerly publisher at the National Trust, is the author of several books, including Reading Matters, The Gardens of the British Working Class and A Shakespearean Botanical. She lives in Hackney and is a trustee of the Hackney Society.


Wednesday, 15 November 2017 at 6.30pm

You are invited to celebrate the launch of Against Miserabilism: Writings 1968 - 1992 by David Widgery, published by Vagabond Voices. Juliet Ash, editor of the collection, will be providing a short talk introducing David's political work. Drinks will be served from 6.30 p.m. Please RSVP:


About the book

Against Miserabilism is a love letter, out of the past, to a new generation of radicals. It's a collection of articles by David Widgery, who, in addition to working as a full-time medical doctor in London's East End, wrote prolifically on matters of political and cultural importance from the 1960s till the time of his death in 1992. Although his articles were written some time ago, in this collection writers who knew him introduce and update his work for today's readers. His commentary on healthcare, Black activism and culture, feminism, other civil rights and the political Left remains relevant. His unique viewpoint as a doctor and a politically active Marxist informs all of his writings.


About the author

David Widgery was born in London in 1947 and died in 1992. He lived and worked as a socialist doctor in the East End of London for twenty-two years. He was the author of six books: The Left in Britain 1956 - 68 (1976), Health in Danger (1979), Beating Time (1986), The National Health (1988), Preserving Disorder (1989), and Some Lives!: A GP's East End (1991). He was a regular contributor to the The New Statesman and Society, Socialist Worker and The British Medical Journal as well as writing occasional articles for numerous underground and socialist magazines and journals. He also wrote articles for the Guardian and Observer.

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