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Current Exhibition

The Shock of the New Build and Other Contrast Old and New: Paintings by Valerie Wiffen ARCA

A departure from the artist's three previous exhibitions, which have often documented in drawings the contents of our museums and cultural institutions, Valerie's new series of paintings surveys the radically shifting skyline of the city and its looming future.

The Shock of the New Build and Other Contrasts Old and New can be viewed during shop opening hours (Monday - Saturday 10 am - 6 pm / Sunday 11 am - 5 pm) and continues until Sunday 30 July 2017.

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About the exhibition:

"London townscapes are changing dramatically in many areas and the transformation is not over. So much new high rise building is scheduled that one postal district alone is set to have 63 new towers erected (Evening Standard).

Unlike Paris, where Le Nain's axis is still visible, and with odd exceptions, innovatory building has been grouped at La Defense, London has no grand design. It is an indictment of the paucity of education in town planning that so much of the new build resembles temporary housing constructed after floods and disasters in the rest of Europe.

Chances have been missed; Wren's masterpiece, St Paul's, has been occluded again because his building line was drawn with reference to lower structures.

For those who choose it, artists have always had a role: to hold up a mirror to society so that we can see ourselves. The exhibition is an attempt to record sweeping changes and contrasts in our visual world."
- Valerie Wiffen ARCA, 2017

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Glass has an article on the opening of the exhibition. You can read it here.

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About the artist:

Valerie Wiffen studied at the Royal College of Art and took the Drawing Prize on graduation. An academic career spanning further, higher and adult education continues at Hampstead School of Art. As a part-time tutor she has always maintained her painting career, specialising in portraiture. Her noted commissions include 'Sir Sigmund Sternberg' (National Portrait Gallery); 'Sir Gavyn Arthur as Lord Mayor, City of London' (Guildhall Art Gallery); 'Rabbi Doctor Louis Jacobs' (The Jewish Museum); 'HRH The Duke of Edinburgh' (Collection of the Board of Deputies); 'Dr Carey as Archbishop of Canterbury with Mrs Carey' (The Sternberg Centre); and 'Dr Singhvi as High Commissioner for India' (The Bhavan Centre).

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