A Last Supper of Queer Apostles: Selected Essays – Pedro Lemebel



Searingly political, extravagantly stylish dispatches from the margins by a queer Latin American icon, in English for the first time’When everyone who has treated him like dirt is lost in the cesspit or in nothingness, Pedro Lemebel will still be a star’ Roberto Bolaño

“I speak from my difference” wrote Pedro Lemebel, the Chilean writer who became an icon of resistance and queer transgression across Latin America. His innovative essays-known as crónicas-combine memoir, reportage, history and fiction to bring visibility and dignity to the lives of sexual minorities, the poor and the powerless. In a baroque, freewheeling style that fused political urgency with playfulness, resistance with camp, Lemebel shone a light on lives and events that many wanted to suppress: the glitzy literary salon held above a torture chamber, the queer sex and community that bloomed in Santiago’s hidden corners and the last days of trans sex workers dying of AIDS, each cast in the starring role of her own private tragedy.

As Chile emerged from Pinochet’s brutal dictatorship into a flawed democracy, Lemebel re-wrote the country’s history from the margins, and today his subversive voice echoes around the world.

‘He speaks brilliantly for a difference that refuses to disappear’ Garth Greenwell

‘Pedro Lemebel is alive! And I am in love’ Keith Ridgway

‘A truly astonishing body of work’ Lauren John Joseph

‘A truly sensational addition to our collective heritage’ Neil Bartlett

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