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**SAINSBURY’S CHILDREN’S BOOK AWARD 2018 WINNER – LEARNING AND DEVELOPMENT CATEGORY** How many people could fit on a blue whale’s tongue? Is a hovercraft faster than a tank? And what grows quicker – toenails or fingernails? Discover the answer to these questions and so much more in The Book of Comparisons. Brimming with incredible facts to wow your family and friends with, this book will help you to understand extraordinary things in our world, by comparing them with other things! Through awesome comparisons, you’ll learn about: The strongest animals The fastest vehicles The biggest poopers in the world The most extreme journeys ever taken The awesome power of natural forces Filled with amazingly detailed illustrations and fascinating nuggets of information to ‘wow’ family and friends with, this fact-packed book is sure to keep the whole family entertained. Absorbing, entertaining, and surprising, once you’ve learned how comparisons can work, you’ll never look at the world in the same way again! Did you know that you can fit two football teams on the tongue of a blue whale? Did you know that the Samoan moss spider is as small as a grain of salt? Find out about these – and lots, lots more amazing information – in The Book of Comparisons. Perfect for fact fans! – The Week Junior This lovely book, with great illustrations by Paul Boston, is packed full of the sort of facts children love. The large pages are stuffed with extraordinary details, comparing everything from animals, to space to machines. Aimed at 7+, this seems like a book that could last for years, as it is so full of interesting little tit bits. – Reading Zone The Book of Comparisons is a crazy good fact nugget tomb! – WRD Magazine A lavishly illustrated, 90-page compendium of the sort of jaw-dropping statistics which children love to outdo each other. – Daily Telegraph The Book of Comparisons is so compelling. Gifford finds some brilliant stats to compare and in the process, simplifies science. – How it Works magazine

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