Dependency: The Copenhagen Trilogy Book 3 – Tove Ditlevsen



The final volume in the renowned Danish poet Tove Ditlevsen’s autobiographical Copenhagen Trilogy (“A masterpiece” The Guardian). Following Childhood and YouthDependency is the searing portrait of a woman’s journey through love, friendship, ambition, and addiction, from one of Denmark’s most celebrated twentieth century writers

Tove is only twenty, but she’s already famous, a published poet, and the wife of a much older literary editor. Her path in life seems set, yet she has no idea of the struggles ahead-love affairs, wanted and unwanted pregnancies, artistic failure, and destructive addiction.

As the years go by, the central tension of Tove’s life comes into painful focus: the terrible lure of dependency, in all its forms, and the possibility of living freely and fearlessly-as an artist on her own terms.

The final volume in the Copenhagen Trilogy, and arguably Ditlevsen’s masterpiece, Dependency is a dark and blisteringly honest account of addiction, and the way out.

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