Destructives – Matthew de Abaitua



Theodore Drown is adestructive. A recovering addict to weirdcore, he’s keeping his head downlecturing at the university of the moon. Twenty years after the appearanceof the first artificial intelligence, and humanity is stuck. The AIs or, asthey preferred to be called, emergences have left Earth and reside beyond theorbit of Mercury in a Stapledon Sphere known as the university of the sun. Theemergences were our future but they chose exile. All except one. Dr Easyremains, researching a single human life from beginning to end. Theodore’slife.Oneday, Theodore is approached by freelance executive Patricia to investigate anarchive of data retrieved from just before the appearance of the firstemergence. The secret living in that archive will take him on an adventurethrough a stunted future of asylum malls, corporate bloodrooms and a secretoff-world colony where Theodore must choose between creating a new future forhumanity or staying true to his nature, and destroying it.File Under: Science Fiction [ Fatal Loop | Emergent See | Lunar Lunatics | Dr Easy ]

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