Fighting Pig’s Too Tough to Eat: and other prose texts Suzanne Br?gger



Suzanne Brogger’s work is known in English through translations of her novels The Jade Cat (1997) and the sensational Deliver Us From Love (1976), which was recommended by Henry Miller as the most daring and courageous book since Rabelais. This volume contains her autobiographical meditation A Fighting Pig’s Too Tough to Eat, and a selection of essays from the past twenty years, showing her development from social rebel to iconoclast and visionary. Suzanne Brogger (b. 1944) has always been unconventional in her lifestyle and in her writing, in a way that has often prompted comparison with her fellow countrywoman Karen Blixen. She writes stories, poems, plays and essays, and many of her writings transgress genre boundaries. Her pronouncements and her activities have excited much controversy in Denmark, and her books have been translated into thirteen languages. Beginning as a polemicist, she has matured into a philosophical writer for whom the writing process is a continuous meditation on life, death and eros.

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