The Hungoevr Cookbook – Milton Crawford



The drilling headache, the waves of nausea, the paranoia, the guilt, the shame – yes, it’s the dreaded HANGOVER. We are all familiar with the general misery. What is less well known is the nuances of the hungover state. According to P.G. Wodehouse there are six different types of hangover that can bring the high-spirited reveller to his or her knees, and each requires a very specific remedy. With delicious and restorative recipes – from Milton’s zingy knickerbocker glory to his irresistible tahini and tomato toast, the English Breakfast tortilla to Mexican ranch-style eggs – The Hungover Cookbook invites you to transform dealing with a hangover into a subtle, multi-faceted and enjoyable art instead of merely chucking a ‘full English’ at it. This witty self-help manual helps the morning after drinker to identify the nature of ones hangover and tailor the treatment accordingly.

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