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This is the story of the children of the revolution, of many revolutions. This is life on an island, in fact: on two Caribbean islands, Cuba and the Dominican Republic. A vivid evocation of contemporary life on these particular islands, the novel’s passion and contradictory characters will strike a chord with readers everywhere, as will the portrayal of justice abandoned in the pursuit of riches. Argenis Luna, the protagonist of this novel, is an artist who no longer paints, a recovering heroin addict, and an innocent trying to make sense of communist Cuba and the Dominican Republic where his once revolutionary father is now part of the ruling elite.

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  These are the children of revolutions, and this is their story. This is the Caribbean. This is ArgenisLuna: an artist who no longer paints, a heroin addict who no longer uses, andan overgrown child trying to make sense of his inheritance in a country wherehis once-revolutionary father is now part of the ruling elite. Thrown out ofrehab in Havana, with Goya’s tyrannical god Saturn on his mind, Argenis pickshis way through the detritus of an abandoned generation: the drag queens,artists, hustlers and lovers trying to build lives amidst the wreckage.Mesmerising and visionary, Made in Saturnis a hangover from a riotous funeral, a rapid-fire elegy for therevolutionary spirit, and a glimpse of hope for all who feel eclipsed by those who came before them.

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