My War Gone By I Miss It So Anthony Loyd



Soon to be a major motion picture starring Tom Hardy. An extraordinary memoir of military conflict and personal battle. The first book, both ‘beautiful and disturbing’ (Wall Street Journal), from a young man who escaped to Bosnia in search of a vocation and excitement and later went on to become an award-winning war correspondent. Ex-infantry officer Anthony Loyd arrived in Bosnia hoping to become a war correspondent. He left behind a damaged, distinguished military family and swapped one kind of addiction for another; drink and drugs for the adrenaline of combat. In the Balkans he became truly embedded – both appalled and involved – by the war’s cruel chaos. In the midst of the daily life-and-death struggle among the Serbs, Croatians and Bosnian Muslims he was inspired by the extraordinary human fortitude he discovered. But returning home, empty and craving adrenaline, he would face his own frailties until he could bear it no longer. My War Gone By, I Miss It So is a uniquely powerful piece of writing, unparalleled in the genre. A compassionate, visceral record of conflict; a brutally honest account of war’s exhilarations and more personal battlegrounds.

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