Native American Wisdom: A Spiritual Tradition at One with Nature Alan Jacobs



This title contains moving quotations from leading American Native Indians, Chiefs, Medicine Men, as well as ordinary people, poems, songs, prose, speeches and stories both past and present. The spiritual wisdom of these peoples is based on a love and reverence for Nature, a belief in a Supreme Being and a spirit world which interacts with human activity. The contents are in alphabetical order and are grouped around the main Native Indian Nations from Apache to Zuni, including the Sioux, Eskimo, Cherokee and many more. It also includes tributes from famous Poets such as Longfellow and George Meredith etc. The introduction is by a leading authority in the field, Dr. Mick Gidley, Emeritus Professor of American Literature and Culture, University of Leeds. He puts the broad scope of the anthology in historical context and explains succinctly and intelligently the wonderful diversity of cultures and languages that it celebrates.

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