Penguin Modern Poets One: Emily Berry, Anne Carson, Sophie Collins



The Penguin Modern Poets are succinct guides to the richness and diversity of contemporary poetry. Every volume brings together representative selections from the work of three poets now writing, allowing the curious reader and the seasoned lover of poetry to encounter the most exciting voices of our moment. . . . And I was grown up, with your face on, heating spice after spice to smoke out the smell of books, to burn the taste buds off this bitten tongue, avoid ever speaking of you. – Emily Berry, ‘Her Inheritance’ If you are not the free person you want to be you must find a place to tell the truth about that. To tell how things go for you. – Anne Carson, ‘Candor’ I had a moment there among the balustrades and once that moment had expired it graduated from a moment to a life – Sophie Collins, ‘Dear No. 24601’

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