Play On: How to Get Better With Age Jeff Bercovici



How do the world’s best athletes combat ageing, and what you can do to keep up? An energetic romp that smartly separates science from quackery. Publishers Weekly Sports are about challenging our physical limits. But the greatest limit of all remains undefeated: age. We’re taught to believe that ageing thwarts effort and grace, talent and grit, outstanding teamwork and individual brilliance. But a new breed of top professionals – the likes of Roger Federer, Tom Brady and Jo Pavey – are overturning long-held assumptions about how long the prime of a sporting career can last. It’s not that aging causes a decline in fitness; rather, a decline in fitness causes aging. Jeff Bercovici steps inside the lives of such ageless athletes, following them as they train, compete, and recover, to dispel conventional wisdom about longevity. Full of cutting-edge science, technology and practical tips, Play On empowers you to reverse the ageing process, and keep you younger for longer.

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