Splash – Claire Cashmore & Sharon Davey



Claire Cashmore, MBE and Paralympic gold medallist, was born without a left forearm – but she never let being different stand in the way of her big dreams. Splash is based on Claire’s real-life experience: this gold-medal-winning swimmer really was scared of water… until one day, everything changed!

These are Claire’s big sisters. They call her Bear and ruffle her hair. And whatever Claire’s sisters can do, Claire can do too… But there is one thing Claire won’t do… The water in the swimming pool makes her feel squirmy inside.

Follow her sisters? No thank you! Not today! Can Claire conquer her fears? Can she set foot in the water – and what will happen if she does?

Guardian Book of the Month (26th June 2021)

‘Exuberant… full of the joys of swimming. The heroine has a limb difference, understatedly conveyed in both text and pictures, while the chief focus of the story is fun, perseverance and supportive family love’ – Imogen Russell Williams, Guardian

Splash features a brilliantly bold heroine, who happens to be differently abled, and brims with fun, positivity and Claire Cashmore’s inspirational growth mindset message.

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