The Fool & Other Moral Tales – Anne Serre



From the brilliant, sui generis Anne Serre – author of the celebrated Governesses – come three bewitching, thoroughly out-of-the-way tales. ‘To make a pact with the thing that threatens you is arguably the smartest trick of all.’ ‘The Fool’ may have stepped out of a tarot pack – to walk a mountain trail or worm his way into a writer’s mind. ‘The Narrator’ proposes his mirror image, a storyteller in sheep’s clothing, who has a bone to pick with language.

In ‘The Wishing Table’, the orgiastic antics of an incestuous family are recounted by one of three daughters. A dream logic rules each of these unpredictable, sensual and surreal stories: romps no doubt, yet deeply moral, and entirely unforgettable ones.

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