The Russian Soul: Selections from a Writer’s Diary – Fyodor Dostoevsky



A new anthology of Dostoevsky’s remarkable work ‘A Writer’s Diary’. A voluminous and variegated miscellany in which the celebrated author spoke to his readers about issues concerning Russia, it is a work as eerily prescient of global preoccupations in the twenty-first century as it is frequently overlooked. Dostoevsky’s Writer’s Diary was also his creative laboratory, and proves to be a source of fundamental importance in understanding the complex mind behind his artistic works.’Virulent nationalism, religious extremism, ethnic intolerance, urban deprivation, child abuse, suicide, opinionated criticism, intimate confession, utopian dreaming, genial digression, moral fervour, profound insight, macabre humour and superlative fiction – welcome to the world of Dostoevsky’s A Writer’s Diary. ‘ – Rosamund Bartlett

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