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`Tobermory’ – the title story of this collection – is widely considered one of Saki’s finest pieces, in which a short-sighted dinner-party guest introduces a talking cat to the diners, inadvertently revealing gossip and pushing fickle characters into the limelight – in the process undermining the common perceptions of grandiose and genteel high society. From some of his earliest successes, such as `Gabriel-Ernest’, `The Bag’ and the Clovis stories, about a young man with an impish sense of humour, to later tales such as `The Boar-Pig’, which is as bizarre as it is hilarious, and `The Toys of Peace’, which he was never able to see in print, this selection contains a wealth of well-known tales with vastly different themes – from reincarnation to psychological warfare – and bearing every trademark token of wit with which Saki has enthralled generations of eager readers.

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