Books in Lockdown

Ducks, Newburyport by Lucy Ellmann

When else would you be able to read 1000 pages of stream of consciousness – stuck in kitchen waiting for things to rise like the protagonist. That’s when. Absolutely brilliant.

Growing Goats and Girls by Rosanne Hodin

We’ve probably all tried to grow stuff on our balconies or in our backyards these few months. This country diary from a farm in Cornwall shows us the raw edge and the soft focus of the rural life.

Completely Perfect by Felicity Cloake

Have you noticed how your tastebuds have reverted to enjoying the plainest, the simplest the most comforting of foods? Roast chicken. Yummy.

The Bingo series

 Beautifully produced board game for all ages. And it’s educational if you haven’t managed to clock up enough hours home schooling.