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MA BIBLIOTHÈQUE Book Launch: HOLES by Hilary White and WHERE DO YOU BEGIN IN THIS by Iris Colomb

20 June 18:30 20:30


MA BIBLIOTHÈQUE warmly invites you to celebrate the launch of two new titles, HOLES by Hilary White and WHERE DO YOU BEGIN IN THIS by Iris Colomb, at The Broadway Bookshop on Thursday 20th June 2024, from 6.30 to 8.30pm.

Readings: at 6.45pm Iris will read from Where do you begin in this and perform with ‘World without end’ (a 450 cm string of beads made up of 680 pages of Ulysses…). At 7.30pm, following a short intermission, Hilary will read from Holes.

Drinks in assorted small French glasses will be served throughout.

Copies of Holes and Where do you begin in this, alongside a special collection of MA BIB books assembled by the publisher on the occasion of the event, will be on display and available for purchase.

Entry is FREE but spaces are limited. Please RSVP: books@broadwaybookshophackney.com

We hope you can join us!

Holes by Hilary White (MA BIBLIOTHÈQUE, 2024)

Sometimes I pretended not to notice it (the black hole), but I knew it was always there. To tell the truth, I started to like having it around. I stuck quite close to it. Not too close, mind you. But it was useful, above all, to have somewhere to put things. Unwanted things. I am attracted to your attraction, he said. (I put it in the hole.) Night by night it got a little bigger.

Holes splices forms of fiction and nonfiction. The narrator, a researcher of limits at an unidentified university, figures her entanglement with an unobtainable love object as the descent into a black hole. Everything she reads seems to shed light on the non-events that comprise their relationship, and study collapses into life as she struggles to separate events and forms, reality and ideation. Holes is a study in thematic fixation, engaging a range of ‘obsessional artists’ (including Yayoi Kusama, from whom the term is borrowed, Lee Bontecou, and Carolee Schneemann) for whom holes—as idea, imagery, philosophy—have proved evocative, inviting, and occasionally obliterative.

‘Hilary White is an incredible polymath, and in Holes she gives us a science, an art history, a philosophy and an extraordinary romance of the hole. It’s a moving, darkly funny account of the ending of a romantic mis-connection against a backdrop of economic precarity, failing infrastructure, and environmental disaster. Through the eyes of White’s narrator, the hole becomes generative and world-ending, marking the limit of language and also its beginning. I loved it.’
–>Sarah Bernstein

Where do you begin in this by Iris Colomb (MA BIBLIOTHÈQUE, 2024)

this is my body / easily flew
this is my body / all gone all fall
this is my body / tap tap tap tap
this is my body / it must be real

‘Iris Colomb’s Where do you begin in this takes Joyce’s enthusiasm for linguistic interplay and reorientation and applies it to the fabric of the book. This book records the physical and psychical encounter of Joyce’s words with Colomb’s body. Ulysses has been chopped, cut, repeated, re-ordered, crumpled, and rolled into a whole new book. Colomb offers us a material re-organisation of Joyce’s epic in her own linguistically-dispersed, spatio-temporally-specific image. This is Joyce upgraded, a century on.’
–> Camilla Nelson

MA BIBLIOTHÈQUE is a not-for-profit project by the artist and writer Sharon Kivland. The publications are modest yet attractive, and constitute her library, based on her purchase of a hundred ISBN numbers. In her role as The Editor, she invites authors she considers to be good readers, whom she would like to house in her library or to become her library, inhabited. [Read on>]