Peter Bunting: Animal, Vegetable, Mineral (Paintings + A True Story)

22 September – 1 December 2022

The Broadway Bookshop is pleased to present Animal, Vegetable, Mineral, a new exhibition of fifteen paintings by artist Peter Bunting, accompanied by the publication of a short text: ‘The Mission (A True Story)’.

In works that resemble glittering transcriptions of the ‘genre paintings’ of Bruegel and Watteau – whose novelty lay in documenting the customs and rituals of everyday life – the paintings collected in Animal, Vegetable, Mineral unfold a stunning natural history of a multispecies community at work, rest and play.

But what kind of community are we looking at, exactly? And to what categories of existence do its numerous, heterogeneous, and so mutually entangled inhabitants belong? And also: just what is everyone and everything up to?

Peter Bunting (b.1947) lives and works in London. He studied philosophy at Cambridge University and fine art at Byam Shaw. Peter has exhibited regularly throughout his career, and mainly since 1995 with England & Co. His exhibitions there include Paintings from the New World and Into the Woods. Peter is presently working on two concurrent series of small works, ‘Colonies’ and ‘The Events’, from which fourteen of the paintings exhibited in Animal, Vegetable, Mineral have been selected. (The large triptych, At the Court of King Tod (2022), belongs to neither series but shares genes, affinities and correspondences with both.) This is his first exhibition at The Broadway Bookshop.