Online shop coming soon

Dear Customers,

We have made the hard (and heartbreaking) decision to keep The Broadway Bookshop closed until it is safe to trade again. Of course, we have no idea when that might be. July? August? September? This year? We don’t know.

This is a bad, bewildering thing.

But everything that makes the shop such a special place in which to sell books is – in the time of social distancing – also what makes it impossible for us to open the door and ensure a safe space for our staff, our customers and the local residents of Broadway Market.

Which is why we’re hard at work on something new…

Over the next couple of weeks, we will be copying our entire catalogue – title by lilting title – onto a new online shop & website so we can safely resume selling books to our wonderful, one-of-a-kind community of readers. (Your patience and support has been truly incredible. Thank you.)

And this is a good thing.

Because you can browse the virtual blue shelves, forget for a sweet second that you are looking at a screen, and once again enjoy the feeling of being lost inside the evocative stock of your local bookshop.

6,000+ titles will be available to purchase online for delivery to your door by post or bike, and as always we will be able to order most books from our suppliers that we don’t already have in stock.

We will announce further details as soon as the online shop goes live. For updates follow us on Twitter @thebbookshop and look out in your inbox for the next newsletter.

Pixels might not be a substitute for bricks (and mortar) but we are hopeful that a virtual version of The Broadway Bookshop can meet your reading needs until the real thing re-opens.

We look forward to selling & sending you books soon!

The Broadway Bookshop team