Where do you begin in this – Iris Colomb


this is my body / easily flew
this is my body / all gone all fall t
his is my body / tap tap tap tap
this is my body / it must be real

‘Iris Colomb’s Where do you begin in this takes Joyce’s enthusiasm for linguistic interplay and reorientation and applies it to the fabric of the book. This book records the physical and psychical encounter of Joyce’s words with Colomb’s body. Ulysses has been chopped, cut, repeated, re-ordered, crumpled, and rolled into a whole new book. Colomb offers us a material re-organisation of Joyce’s epic in her own linguistically-dispersed, spatio-temporally-specific image. This is Joyce upgraded, a century on.’
– Camilla Nelson

Iris Colomb is a poet, artist, curator, editor, lecturer, and translator. She builds connections between visual and verbal forms of text through performance, book objects, improvisation, and experimental translation.

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